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Production Process



The first step of processing pork meat involves trimming the fresh leg. We try to give the product the classic rounded shape, removing the parts of fat and rind in excess.



The product is then selected accordinglyto its weight and led to the salting line where the thigh is covered with salt. Here, it begins to release the water contained in the tissue. The ham is then left to rest in cold rooms.



After removing the salt that has not been absorbed by the product, the part of the ham, which is not protected by the rind, is covered with fat. The ham is then placed in aging rooms, where temperature and humidity are controlled by advanced monitoring systems.


Quality Control

During curing, the ham is monitored with a needle made out of a horse bone. Experts must determine the relevance of the right perfume, according the aroma that characterizes the meat. The sniff test is essential to determine the quality of the ham. The peculiarity of the horse's bone is that of being able to absorb the aromas and disperse it just as quickly, allowing repeated and multiple evaluations



The products that are not sold on the bone, accordingly to customer needs, are selected based on the size, type and seasoning and then sent to the deboning locals. After the removal of the femoral bone, the ham is processed into different types of products, "aperto, sfilato, addobbo e porzioni".



In the final operation, the ham is placed in a vacuum pack, in order to minimize the influences of the external environment during the transportation and during the period of permanence in the stocks of the clients. Products used for the packaging satisfy the requirements of the Reg CE 1895/2005, 1935/2004, 2023/2006 and 10/2011 about food security packaging.


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