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Our Values

''Respecting nature and human work''

“What excites me is not the spatial extent of my firm: it is still broadening! The only thing, to which I aspire, is to meet the needs of customers. I like to follow them properly.

My wife Dolores and me, we began this adventure forty years ago: forty years of commitment, big challenges and sacrifices. We have always tried to work for the “gotha”, the best customers that the market can offer. It is only through the best product that we can reach the best customers.

On the estate where is located Prosciuttificio San Francesco there once was the house where I lived with my grandparents. We were farmers and our family was very big. My humble roots make me very proud. Despite the difficulties, I managed to complete my studies, acquiring as much experience as possible. The favorable geographical position, the support of the family, and the modest finances I had at that time allowed me to develop my entrepreneurial spirit.

After the beginning in the small house, I lived in, the activity then moved into the structure built in 1979. The headquarters expanded in 1984 and again in 1992, when we decided to place statue of St. Francis, created by sculptors Sandrin and Biasia, of the University of Padua, in the courtyard.
Art, poetry and three-dimensionality are useful components in this earthly stage.
We are sure to have created a truly, optimal structure. »

The generational exchange is completed; their son and daughter, Cristiano and Licia, the son-in law Roberto Catti and their granddaughter Celeste have joined the business. 

Cit. Alfonso Bavieri


Via della Pace 8/a
41051 Castelnuovo Rangone (MO)


+39 059 535586
FAX: +39 059 536762

Opening hours

Monday to Friday:
- Morning: 8,00 - 12,30
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Saturday and Sunday: Closed 

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