dry-cured hams

PDO Prosciutto crudo of San Daniele

Pork legs bred in Italy, sea salt and the characteristic microclimate of San Daniele del Friuli. These are the only three ingredients of San Daniele PDO. Exclusively Italian and quality raw materials, which together with the knowledge and know-how of the master ham, give the ham its unmistakable aroma, making it an excellence of Made in Italy gastronomy.

Senza uova – Senza latticini – Senza glutine

Without eggs

Lactose free

Gluten free


For lovers of tradition, who appreciate enjoying a slice of raw manually cut and that enhance the scent of the product, this has always been the best choice.

For activities such as restaurants, hotels, sandwiches and the Piadinerie, which need to combine quantity, comfort and practicality, the whole raw ham already boned vacuum packed, which guarantees a prolonged shelf life, is the preferred choice. The product is pressed into molds that give it a precise shape that is reflected in the slices.

Decoration de-boned raw ham is characterised by a de-boning process in which the bone is removed laterally so that there are no frontal cuts. Packaged in a rounded shape thanks to plastic strapping, it allows to obtain large and round slices when cut, perfect for the best gastronomies.

 It was created for those who do not want to give up the beauty of the elongated slice but at the same time does not need large quantities of product, thus being able to enjoy the different facets of taste.