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Prosciuttificio San Francesco

One cannot inherit the culinary tradition.
those who want it, has to conquer it with great effort.


The winning trio to have a good ham?

Pork leg, Salt and Time.
And absolutely nothing else. 

Recipes of the Week


Melon and ham

Ham and melon is a very simple recipe, perfect on hot summer days because it does not require cooking, and it is particularly quick to prepare. It may be a second course, but also a tasty appetizer.


Rustica Focaccia

Foccacia made with stale bread, potatoes, cheese and cured ham is the perfect pie when you have stale bread left.


Tasty rolls

Ham and asparagus rolls are a tasty appetizer of vegetables, simple to prepare, but very greedy. They can also be served as an appetizer for 4 people. In this case cut the rolls into slices and serve with a handful of thyme.



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